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Sistahood supports girls with their homework after school. Students from UCT, UWC and international students help the girls with their homework. Sistahood girls achieve higher grades at school and increase their chances of being accepted to university and obtaining a qualification.


Operation Hope facilitates Banking on our Future for the girls. The girls learn about financial literacy and how to spend their money wisely. Sistahood girls use their knowledge of financial literacy to influence and educate their families and neighbours to get out of debt and prevent a bad credit record.







Sistahood targets young girls from Imizamo Yethu Township in Cape Town between the ages of 12 - 18 years old. We have also begun to expand our center to help girls -/+   20 years old. Once girls complete high school, they are trained to be facilitators and mentors to other young girls that are members of the club. Girls apply on an annual basis to be part of the club. The annual intake is 20 girls, but our target is 150 girls should we have enough funding to support them.


Our aim is to decrease the number of teenage pregnancies and dropouts amongst young girls in Imizamo Yethu. We are also aiming to increase the number of girls going to university and other tertiary institutions. Sistahood members are good role models in the community of Imizamo Yethu. They are active citizens that provide support to others through sharing their skills, knowledge, and resources.

The police from Hout Bay police stations offer self-defence classes. Through self-defence classes they can defend themselves and stand a high chance of escaping from being a victim of rape.

Facilitators, youth from Imizamo Yethu that are leading successful lives, facilitate workshops on life skills. They also debate about various topics affecting young girls like drugs, prostitution, pregnancy and school dropouts. As a result, Sistahood girls have a notable difference in the community. They are confident, opinionated and focused

Homework and Tutoring

Financil Self-Sufficiency

Life Skills

Nurses from Imizamo Yethu clinic teach girls about wellness. Teenage pregnancy decreases through learning about different ways of preventing pregnancy and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Motivational speakers share their stories and encourage girls to dream and work towards their dreams. Through storytelling, the girls are inspired to do more and be more. Girls are motivated and apply themselves fully in everything they do


Women's Health

Motivational Speakers

Self Defense



  • Community Discussions

  • Debates

  • Self Defense

  • Art & Culture: Choir, Dancing, etc

  • Academia

    • Homework & Study Clubs

    • School Projects

  • Painting

  • Workshops

  • Events: Cinema & Museum Trips

  • Camping

  • Sleepovers

  • Community Services

  • Parents Visits

  • Mentoring Programmes

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